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Apache Pink Sky

asugar in stargateficrec

The Care and Feeding of Marines by lilyleia78 (G)

Rec Category: Major Evan Lorne
Pairing: None
Category: Major Evan Lorne, John Sheppard, Gen, Humor, John Sheppard & Evan Lorne friendship
Warning: none
Author on LJ: http://lilyleia78.livejournal.com/
Author's Website: http://lilyleia78.livejournal.com/10336.html or http://www.fanfiction.net/u/343886/lilyleia78
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4763203/1/The_Care_and_Feeding_of_Marines or http://lilyleia78.livejournal.com/29958.html

Why This Must Be Read: I am very happy to be bringing you Major Evan Lorne recs this month. So many good stories to choose from! To start off right, I must recommend the short and sweet The Care and Feeding of Marines, which makes me snort with laughter every time I read it. This story captures perfectly in both concept and execution what is my absolute favorite story theme/tone for Lorne, Sheppard and the Atlantis military contingent: Sheppard and Lorne's mutual dry and snarky sense of humor, their bemused enjoyment of their unique status as Air Force officers commanding Marines (and those Marines' mixed feelings on their superior officers being "Chair Force"), their irreverent sense of whimsy and their sly glee sometimes at just being overgrown boys playing with their cool Ancient toys and soldiers.


Thank you so much for the lovely rec! I had a lot of fun writing that one and I'm happy others are getting a giggle out of it too.
Thanks for this awesome story. I adore all your gen fic and wish you wrote more....(puppy eyes)
oh, no, not the puppy eyes! ::giggles::

Tell you what, leave me a prompt or two, and after my jacksamfriends is done at the end of the month, I'll poke my muse with them and see what happens.
Hmm. I am not very skilled at prompts. Anything gen with John, Lorne and the Marines on Atlantis makes me happy. Especially anything with war games, training or mundane life in a military installation. The presence of Teyla is a good thing, Ronon's fine but I can take or leave Rodney.

Playing fetch with marines!

I'm not into reading much SGA fanfic but this is a good one :) Thanks for reccing it.
Yay! The marines, Lorne, Sheppard and their collective lunacy are very appealing. Maybe they will convert you?
"Are you playing fetch with the Marines?"

It's already become a classic ;) Really one of my favorites and a great way to start reccing Evan Lorne stories month.
LOL. Yeah, that line alone is priceless.
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