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green_grrl in stargateficrec

Loose Bolt series by Em Dash (R)

Show: Stargate SG-1

Rec Category: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill
Pairing: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Het/Slash/Gen: slash
Warning: Character Death (OC)
Author on LJ: theemdash
Author's Website: LJ fic tag
Link: The Advantages of Mind Reading / A Loose Bolt in a Complete Machine / The Analog Myth

Why This Must Be Read: Another 100K+ worth of Jack/Daniel fic for your summer reading! On a planet with an internet that can be accessed directly by the brain, Jack and Daniel are swept up in a civil conflict. The thing about the internet-in-the-brain technology? It can also be used like telepathy. On the good (for the slashy reader) side, Jack and Daniel see a little more of each other's thoughts than expected! On the bad side, the various forces on the planet are way too good at interrogation.

Em Dash does a great job of building the premise, and then spinning out over the course of three fics what that kind of technology would tempt people/governments to do. SG-1 has enough experience with abuse of power that they know all too well that sometimes burying a technology is the best idea. Unfortunately it doesn't always stay buried.

Dig in for some gripping missions, with a generous dollop of emotions thrown in!

The explosion next to them was loud and bright, sending them both diving for cover. Jack felt a burst of pain in his left leg, he heard Daniel shout, like Daniel was the one experiencing Jack's pain, and consciousness swelled before him like a wave, a strange understanding that crested with the knowledge that Jack hadn't been hurt at all.


The spike of fear cleared his vision—but it wasn't his fear, it was Daniel's—what the hell?

Daniel locked eyes with his and in that moment Jack felt the message, like an instant message window popping up in the corner of his brain: The Vinculum isn't supposed to work like this. The thought felt unbidden, the way Jack imagined Daniel normally narrated his life, but it was in Jack's head, part of his flow of thoughts and—

"Shit. Daniel." Blood dripped down Daniel's leg, a huge tear along the calf that hopefully looked worse than it actually was. Part of the column was trapping his foot, which rested at an uncomfortable angle.

Jack secured their weapons, casting an eye around the area—they would be overrun soon. "Can you move?"

Daniel pushed with his arms, trying to slip out from under the sparking column; he caught his lip between his teeth in a wince.

"Broken," they said together. "Shit."

"Stop that," Jack muttered.

"Sorry, but your thoughts are all. . . ." Daniel gestured broadly with one hand, dropping the other over this face, and Jack felt Daniel's rapid-fire thoughts, a quick stream of possible methods for freeing his leg including leverage, explosives, Teal'c, and about a half dozen other ideas that Jack didn't even have time to grasp before Daniel had ruled them out.


Thanks for the rec! :D
But of course! I still shiver over where Analog Myth went. You are the Queen of Peril!
Aww, thanks! I really love where that series went as well, and you were actually a big part of helping me figure out that last one, so thanks for that!
Stargate by Medie

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