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Working Vacation by PaBurke (G)

Show: SG1/SGA

Rec Category: Crossover (Avengers)
Characters: John Sheppard, Avengers Team
Pairings: None
Categories: Gen
Warnings: None
Author on LJ: faithburke
Author's Website: AO3 or FF.net or TTH.org
Link: AO3 or Livejornal or FF.net

Why This Must Be Read:

John Sheppard is ordered to take a few days off but end up being the pilot for the Avengers for his working vacation.

After a few Wraith Queens, McKay, Commanders (including Woosey), and various leaders of other worlds, saving the world while he's transporting the Avengers is child's play. And to see the Avengers slowly figuring out how much of a BAMF John is a blast.

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Steve Rogers knew that SHIELD employed the best representative of every field. It was one of the reasons they put up with Tony Stark, in spite of his… personality quirks. So he really wasn’t surprised by the competence of the ‘copter pilot or that their designated pilot could also fly fighter jets and excelled in aerial combat. It was nice to know that they had excellent air support when needed. The man wasn’t even phased by Thor’s storms.

Steve tried to express his appreciation whenever possible but Sheppard just shrugged him off with an amused smile. Sheppard had an eye for predicting battle and for knowing the best place to drop the Avengers. He was so good at it that Clint Barton noticed. Tony and Bruce wouldn’t notice anything that wasn’t scientific, so the pilot wasn’t anybody they cared to see. Natasha was too used to working solo to really notice support personnel.

Clint Barton had worked within the military structure and knew when someone did their job right. Steve was surprised that rather than thank Sheppard, he was wary of the man. Sheppard didn’t care. He was so laid back, it was hard to recognize just how talented he was. Once, when Sheppard was transporting them into a battle, an enemy space craft fired on them. Sheppard calmly dodged the armament and shot off his own. He momentarily hid his ‘copter in the trees and said, “Ride’s over, folks. If you’d be so kind as to exit to your left.”

“You’re good,” Stark blurted out. “Do you want a higher paying job?”

Sheppard ignored him. “Sir, there appears to be an unusual energy reading to the north.”

Stark looked over Sheppard’s shoulder at the ‘copter sensors and snorted. “Piece of crap. I’ll investigate personally.”

Steve nodded in agreement. Stark was the best team member for the job. “Black Widow will accompany you.” The Avengers exited the ‘copter and Sheppard lifted off. He fought enough of an air battle to distract and disable the enemy. It was only after the battle was over and Steve was writing up the report at SHIELD did the super-solider realize how easily Sheppard had distracted Iron Man.


Stargate by Medie

February 2017



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