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Summer ‘Break’ by Will Schuester by PaBurke (G)

Show: SG1/SGA

Rec Category: Crossover (Glee)
Characters: Jack O’Neill, Atlantis expedition, Will Schuester
Pairings: None
Categories: Gen
Warnings: None
Author on LJ: faithburke
Author's Website: AO3 or FF.net or TTH.org
Link: AO3 or Livejornal or FF.net

Why This Must Be Read:

I hate Glee and usually I wouldn't touch Glee fic with a ten foot pole. And Glee with Stargate should never work, should never be attempted, and/or would just be wrong. But this is done by one of my fave author so whatever prejudice I have, I knew I just got to get over it.

She blew me away. It's good. It's real. It's touching and I'm rooting for a sequel. (and I'm still in shocked)

Atlantis team came across a settlement and desperately need a treaty with them. But the natives communicate through dancing. Altantis expedition may be talented, but dancing definitely wasn't part of their skill-sets. So O’Neill set out to get themselves a dancing consultant.

O’Neill pressed play and people in strange garb appeared on the screen. The clothes were interesting, but what really captured Will’s attention was the way that in casual interactions… they danced.

“We want to draw up a treaty with these people but the team practically got tossed off the land the first time they were there. My language expert says that in order for this to work, the teams need to learn some sort of dance, but he wasn’t sure what the dance was and he knew that he couldn’t teach it.”

Will watched the video for fifteen minutes. So long that when O’Neill asked how he took his coffee, he was startled out of his entrancement. O’Neill handed him a coffee, in his second biggest mug that was heavy with the cream and sugar. O’Neill handed Rhodes a second cup of coffee and kept Will’s biggest mug for himself. Will settled on the couch, started the video from the beginning and drank his coffee. O’Neill puttered around and Rhodes kept an eye on the road from inside Will’s front door.

Since he had already watched the video once, he had a sort of context for the body language. Will watched the flirting in that corner of his flat screen. Those two men in that corner had Puck’s body language: they were spoiling for a fight. Actually, all of the younger men were increasingly aggressive as they danced around the soldiers. The soldiers weren’t taking it seriously because it was ‘dancing.’ Will could see the dance of the mature elders as they ‘talked’ the younger generation down. That pacing right there was worry. That running side step was amusement.

“The dancing is part of their language,” Will muttered. “It’s not just being polite and bowing at the correct level for someone in Japan.”

“Excuse me?” O’Neill asked.

Will pointed out his previous observations and then backed up the DVD. “Wait a second. I’ll show you. There.” He pointed at the balding man in the military uniform. “That aggressive step forward. That’s what those kids that I showed you before did. And he didn’t back up when the… elders tried to reply. The natives understood that better than whatever your translator said. It looks like the polite introduction includes a step into the other person’s personal space as they step back and then the other person steps forward and you step back. Each person gives a little ground.” The group’s translator was a beautiful woman, probably a native herself. Though she didn’t dance in response to the village elders, her poise was completely non-confrontational.

O’Neill rubbed his forehead. “Damnit, McKay.” He sighed. “And of course Daniel had to be correct. Good thing I prepped for that case. Okay, can you teach our Marines how to correctly respond to the Maepre?”

“I can only try to teach them the correct response to steps they might see. But that’s like replying muy bien every time someone asks como estas? It won’t always be correct even if it’s technically a right answer.”

“Would you be able to translate if you were there?” O’Neill pointed at the TV screen.

“Probably. But I’m just guessing based on what I see here.”

“Ok,” O’Neill sighed again. “We’ll double your pay and pay you hazard if anything goes FUBAR.”


I was just thinking earlier today that I kinda missed Glee. I liked it, mostly, as it gave me access to music I would have never heard otherwise. (Like Lady Gaga for instance having seen her halftime show today which is the first time I've ever seen her perform.)

I thought the author did a good job integrating the two shows. Thanks for pointing this one out.
Glad you like it. Just spreading the good word :)
Looks like fun. The plot has a few similarities to Astolat's SGA/American Idol crossover Far Far Away
haha ... I see what you mean. :)
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