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Three Hundred and Sixty Four by sardonicsmiley (R)

Show: SGA
Rec Category: Ronon/Rodney
Characters: Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, Evan Lorne,
Pairings: Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne
Categories: Slash, Forced Marriage
Warnings: Slash, Language, Whump
Author on LJ: N.A
Author's Website: no more tears
Link: Three Hundred and Sixty Four

Why This Must Be Read: This is the fic that got me shipping Ronon/Rodney. As a predominantly McShep shipper, I'm a huge fan of sardonicsmiley's stories so I trusted them enough to read outside my preferred pairing and what I got was almost 26,000 words of perfection.

In an effort to keep Ronon (and Teyla) on Atlantis after IOA shenanigans, they are both married off (Teyla very happy to Lorne and McKay taking one for the team and marrying Ronon). What follows is a pitch perfect slow burn of Rodney and Ronon falling in love with a bit of whump thrown in the mix.

What's even more impressive is the spot on Ronon POV. Ronon Dex was a fantastic but criminally underutilised character on the show and when he's written well, can elevate a fic from decent to must-read. And this is a very well done Ronon.

The decision comes through from Earth in the middle of a bunch of other orders about re-assignment of personnel and a notification about the winners of Earth's Olympic games. Ronon is sure, logically, that the powers that be weren't trying to hide the news. It feels that way nonetheless.

Ronon isn't sure what prompted the change in policy. Last time he'd given it any thought, he'd assumed that he and the IOA understood one another fairly well. This alteration feels like a betrayal, a sucker punch, and he can't help but being angry about it.

Atlantis has been his home for nearly five years. He doesn't see what right they have to take it away from him, to call him an alien when they're guests in his galaxy, to call him a security threat when he's spent his entire life fighting their enemies. That's not stopping it from happening.

Ronon paces back and forth in front of his bed, agitated, waiting for someone to come in and tell him this is a joke, that he doesn't have to be out of the city within a week, that he still has a job, a purpose, a home. Each second that ticks away eats away at his certainty that anyone else even cares, much less is capable of doing something to halt this.


This was lovely! Ronon was perfect, and the slow burn felt more like a natural, inevitable progression. Thanks for reccing!
I remember this and it's a lovely story. Thanks for reccing.
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