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Notion (by ladyflowdi) (E)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: John Sheppard (road trips)
Characters: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Categories: slash
Warnings: Grief, loss of Atlantis
Author on LJ: ladyflowdi
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Notion on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: Ladyflowdi says in the story's introduction that this story was written in 2006, so after "The Return" when John and Rodney think they've lost Atlantis forever. the author says: "there are certain stories all writers create that push them to become better at their craft. This one was one of them for me." It's a road trip from Cheyenne to John's old storage unit at San Antonio, in which John and Rodney grieve, and take comfort in each other. We can console ourselves with the eventual outcome, but they don't know what's going to happen. It's set before canon gave us John's wealthy business-owning backstory so treat it like an AU in that respect. Well written, and recommended.

He squeezes Rodney’s neck, once. “Want to stop for some of the best texmex in all of west Texas?”

Rodney doesn’t say the obvious -- that it’s four in the morning and no one in their right mind would think about enchiladas at that hour unless they were pregnant. Instead, he brushes his fingers over John’s, tracing the square of his nails with his fingertips. His face is a silhouette, but his voice is strong. “I‘ve never met an enchilada that didn‘t try to kill me.”

“We‘ll make sure there’s no citrus,” John says, because he’s grown up eating it and knows what he’s talking about. “It’s pretty spicy, though. You up for that, Captain Bland?”

“Hey,” Rodney says, but doesn’t follow it with an insult. “John.”


Rodney doesn’t answer, but he goes pale, and John pulls over in time.

The SUV kicks up gravel and mud. John’s barely gotten the car stopped when Rodney opens the door and throws up for what seems like forever, coffee and bile and hurt, until he’s shaky and exhausted.

And then he closes the door, and drinks some of John’s murky cold coffee, and they move on.


I love ladyflowdi's work. I'm excited to reread this - thanks for the rec!
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