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Unmanifest Destiny (by vain_glorious) (unrated, but I'd say PG)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: John Sheppard (road trips)
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, Sam Carter
Categories: Gen
Warnings: Author chose not to warn
Author on LJ: vain_glorious
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Unmanifest Destiny on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: This fic, this fic. I mean, heed the "choose not to warn" "here be dragons" warning, as this isn't for everyone, but it's haunted me ever since I first read it. If you possibly can, read it right through from start to finish, no peeking at the end or the comments. The ending is amazing, well, the whole fic is, once you realize. It always makes me cry, and I love it.

The Daedalus dropped Carter off in DC for her interview. Then it did a little unofficial backpedaling and beamed Sheppard’s team to a predetermined spot on the opposite coast. It took seconds, of course, but still constituted a breach of scheduled navigation route. Caldwell didn’t mention it, sitting straight in his command chair.

“I’ll see you in a few weeks,” he said. He fixed his eyes on Rodney. “See that you fulfill your mission.”

“Mission?” Rodney repeated, twisting his face up. “It’s not a mission, it’s just – ”

But the shimmer of the beam seized them before he could finish, and they vanished from the Bridge.

As luck would have it, or not, they arrived in California in the evening. It wasn’t perfect timing. In the darkness, the city looked old and gloomy. In comparison to Atlantis, it always would have come in second, but it looked worse now. Ronon kind of curled his lip up at it. He didn’t really have a high opinion of Earth, having only been on it for a few, specifically terrible, events. Sheppard realized this trip was unlikely to change that, but at the very least it might show him some of the things that didn’t suck.

Teyla folded her arms more tightly around her swaddled baby.

“It is cold,” she said, hugging herself. “John has always said California is very warm.”

She had never been to Earth outside the SGC, and she didn’t look impressed.

“This is San Diego,” Sheppard said, apologetically. “It’ll be warmer tomorrow, in the sun.”

“The other choice was Malibu,” said Rodney. “I figured you and Ronon had never seen that many people before and would flip out.”

“I do not
flip out,” said Teyla, while Ronon sneered.

“Actually the first choice was in Hawaii,” he continued. “But that would have required trying to get Mr. Knives R’ Us through airport security.”

“Nightmare,” said Sheppard.

“Stabbings everywhere,” Rodney said, gesturing with both hands at Ronon.

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Oooo, I'm intrigued. Definitely gonna check this one out!
This killed me once - beautiful but won't touch it again. :-(
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