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"The Crossroads of Eshu" by Melyanna (PG-13)

Rec Category: Samantha Carter
Pairing: Sam/Jack, John/Elizabeth
Category:: Action/Adventure, Alternate Reality, Novel
Warning: Spoilers to season 8
Author on LJ: melyanna
Author's Website: Mirror, Mirror
Link: The Crossroads of Eshu

Summary: Stranded in an alternate reality, Samantha Carter is in a unique position to help when a threat looms at the edge of the galaxy. Meanwhile, she must deal with Jack O'Neill, who is grieving the loss of his wife.

Why This Must Be Read:

This fic was actually recc'ed 11 months ago in the AU category, but I just had to give it a plug again. Melyanna is a terrific writer and this particular Alternate Reality is fantastic, she just writes the best AU fics out there.

It's always interesting to see the road not taken, and in this Alternate Reality, Sam's life seems close to perfect. But this reality is missing some vital knowledge that only our Sam can provide. But she's finding it hard to keep her mind focussed on solving the problem of getting home, when so many things in this universe feel right.

This is a follow on to Not in Kansas Anymore although you don't have to have read it, as both stories are independent :D I'm reccing them both together, because they are definitely worth reading back to back.

Snippet of Fic

After the brilliant flash, Sam found herself in total darkness. “Guess we should have moved this to an old bunker to test,” she said. “The EM field must have knocked out the. . .”

She trailed off, suddenly feeling very alone. “Hello?” she said. “Anyone?”

Her eyes were growing more accustomed to the dimness. A soft light filtered in from the hall, and Sam realized she was alone in her lab, and yet. . . it wasn’t her lab. The things in it weren’t hers. Jack, Daniel, and Ke’ra were gone, as was the power device they had been experimenting with. This was all very, very wrong.

There were people walking by the open doorway, though none looked to see the very confused woman within. Sam slowly walked toward it, and as she reached it, a familiar head of spiky hair passed — and the last she knew, the man who went with that spiky hair was on Langara, directing his home world’s gate program. “Jonas?” she said, incredulous.

He whirled around, looking for the source of the voice. He looked as he always had — boyish and eager, ready for the next challenge. But apparently seeing Sam was not something he was ready for. His jaw dropped and his green eyes grew wide.

“Colonel?” Jonas blinked several times, squeezed his eyes shut, and shook his head. “I thought Doctor Fraiser said I was fine. . .”

“Doctor Fraiser?” Sam repeated, now more confused than ever. “Jonas, what’s going on?”

“You’re asking me?” he said. Then, someone walked by them, and Jonas grabbed the person’s elbow. “Lieutenant, I need you to tell me I’m crazy.”

“Fine, you’re crazy,” said another familiar voice. “Why exactly?”

Jonas pointed in Sam’s direction. “Tell me you don’t see someone there.”

He looked at her, and Sam gasped. “Elliot,” she said. “You’re supposed to be dead.”

“Holy crap.” The young man jumped slightly, then shook his head. “No, ma’am,” he replied, “you’re supposed to be dead.”


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