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Bi-monthly links: November and December

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Monthly links: October

Many thanks to audabee, eivac, mific, monksandbones, and respoftw for all their October recs! We had 14 recs this month.

Here are the links:

Audabee, in the Sam and Jack (pairing/friendship) category:

Traditions by Little Red (Rated K)

Duck Soup by mrv3000 (Michelle V)

Some Days You're the Hydrant by gingasaur

Passing Time by Akamaimom (PG)

Eivac, in the Crossover category:

Magical Cage by Litgal (G)

The Monster in the Closet by fourteenlines (R)

Mific, in the AU category:

Looking-Glass (by Valderys) (G)

Outfoxed (by Cesare) (G)

What the Sea Has to Give (by Siria) (PG)

Monksandbones, in the Episode Related category:

Socks, by Cofax (G)

Act of Contrition, by Mad_Maudlin (G)

Respoftw, in the John/Rodney category:

Marrying the Marquis by zoemathemata

All These Places We Have Met by Toft

And I recced one Team fic:

Helping Hands, by Thothmes (PG)

Enjoy the recs!
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September Recs on DW

SG-1 awesome

August recs, September reccers

Thanks to respoftw for reccing here on LJ! There were 11 recs over at DW, as follows:

mific recced in the 5 Things category:

Five Reasons Why John and Rodney Hate Sleeping Together By toomuchplor (PG13)

Five Authors Who Didn't Write Stargate Atlantis by rhymer23 (G)

Five people who... (by fiercelydreamed and shaenie) (G)

The Amazing Adventures of Me, Myself & I (by trinityofone) (NC-17)

Five times John’s men were proud to have him as a CO (by smilebackwards) (G)

popkin16 recced in the John/Rodney category:

In Bane or Bliss, by nagi_schwarz [NC-17]

It Happened in Vienna, by respoftw [PG]

smilebackwards recced in the AU category:

Rearranging Fate by Redbyrd (PG)

Retrograde by LtLJ (G)

And I randomly recced:

The Standard of Comparison, by Otter (PG)

Not Even Tuesday, by SallyMN (PG)

Nobody has signed up for this final month of recs here on LJ, so all the action will be taking place at DW in September. If you wanted to sign up and missed the deadline, drop me a comment and let me know.
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Reccing reminder

Today is the last day to volunteer for September! If you are interested in reccing at least two of your favorite stories next month, please comment at this entry.
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September reccers: volunteer post

This entry will be open to volunteers through August 31st. The official list of monthly reccers will be posted on Friday.

September is the final month for active recs here on LJ. We will always post links to activity on the Dreamwidth comm on a monthly basis, but if you're not making the move to DW and you ever wanted to rec here on LJ, now is the time!

Comment with the username you'll be using to rec and the category you want, choosing a category from the list below or selecting a more rare category that has been used in the past. If you want to rec a category that is not on the list below or in the community memories, feel free to ask. Remember that you may volunteer for a category that isn't listed.

By signing up, you are committing yourself to reccing at least two (preferably four) stories in that category during the month of September. August reccers may only sign up for next month after posting their minimum two recs for this month.

Please note that we are no longer asking reccers to check the memories before choosing which stories to rec. If you have a good fic to rec, go for it! The FAQ and rec template, with detailed instructions, can be found here.

You must be a member of stargateficrec in order to post, so if you're a new reccer, be sure to join the community.

If you wish to rec at the comm on DW this month, go here.

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Remember: first come, first claimed.

Change Can Be Good by blackchaps (E)

Show: SGA
Rec Category: Caldwell/McKay
Characters: Rodney McKay, Steven Caldwell, Team.
Pairings: McKay/Caldwell
Categories: Slash
Warnings: I feel like I should warn for a John who is a bit of a dick...not in the usual good way.
Link: Change Can Be Good

Why This Must Be Read: Blackchaps has the dubious honour of igniting my passion for this ship in Sacrifices Made which has some serious UST between McKay and Caldwell while remaining a McShep fic. It probably helps that I've had a crush on Mitch Pileggi since I was 12. So, when I saw that they had an actual, honest to goodness slash fic for the pairing I was immediately enthralled. And it's so good. I mean, it's a post-TrinityTM fic, how could it not be?

I always liked the way Caldwell stood up for McKay during the Arcturus thing and I've always hated the way everyone else treated him after it so fics, where one character stands up to the rest or is actually there for Rodney, are like catnip to me. This is an especially good one with Rodney getting some distance from Atlantis and building his confidence back up while getting naked and sweaty on the Daedalus with Caldwell.

And, John pulls his head out of his ass eventually so it's happy endings all around!

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SG-1 awesome

August reccers

Many thanks to goddess47, [personal profile] mific, respoftw, and [personal profile] smilebackwards for all their July recs! We had 10 recs this past month; here's hoping for more as we start our transition.

Our reccers for August, on both comms, are:

[personal profile] mific: Five Things

[personal profile] popkin16: John/Rodney

respoftw: Caldwell/Rodney

[personal profile] smilebackwards: AU

I'll be around, too, making my usual random recs, as will the admins as recurrent reccers.

Reccers, you have access and can start posting at any time. Remember that you have committed yourself to reccing at least two fics over the course of August, although of course we will be happy with more. Feel free to use the copy-and-paste template from the reccer's FAQ for your convenience.

Second Prime (by Imperfectcircle) (M)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: Threesomes (specifically Rodney/John/Radek)
Characters: Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Categories: slash
Warnings: Nil
Author on LJ: imperfectcircle
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Second Prime on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: This is short, delightfully snarky, and not as angsty as my last rec - hardly any angst at all, in fact. It's from Radek's POV and the writing's really great.

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Black Sapphire by dingochow (E)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: Threesomes (specifically, Rodney/John/Radek)
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Radek Zelenka
Categories: slash
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: dingochow
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Black Sapphire on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: What I like about these threesomes including Radek is that he's usually written as fairly strong and snarky, and this is an excellent example. John's dismayed when Rodney takes up with Radek, although he tries not to let it bother him . . . but it really really does. Then Radek and Rodney get earrings, and get exponentially cooler. It's hot as hell and has a little dom/sub interplay as well, with Radek as the dom. Very well written and with a lovely slow burn as John tries to handle their relationship, manages to come to terms with it, becomes a kind of friend of the relationship, and then eventually much more than that. It's beautifully handled, and an excellent read.

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