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SG-1 awesome

sg_fignewton in stargateficrec

Two More Five Things, by Lilyleia (G)

Rec Category: Five Things
Pairing: none
Categories: five things, gen, Daniel, humor, Sam and Daniel friendship, Jack and Daniel friendship, character study, episode related
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: lilyleia78
Author's Website: My Fanfiction Master List
Link: Two More Five Things

Why This Must Be Read: Lilyleia treats us to two fantastic Daniel Five Things: five way his different senses got him landed in jail, and five reasons he didn't appear to Sam while he was Ascended. The first list ranges from hilariously funny to painful poignancy; the second is beautifully, elegantly Daniel, both in his love for Sam and the rapport that they share. You'll be amused and moved in turns, and love every one of these!

Daniel had always done his best to follow along when Sam was excited about a new project or discovery, but his understanding was often less the complete. He was a social scientist after all, not a physical one.

But once he Ascended there was nothing he couldn’t understand if he put his mind to it. There was so much he could tell Sam – teach her all the secrets to the mysteries that eluded her. He could picture the joy of discovery on her face - eyes dancing, questions flying, that lovely smile filling her face. If he’d had a body, it would ache with the longing to give her this gift.

Daniel wasn’t entirely convinced that he’d be able to stop himself if he came face to face with her passion. He didn’t want to know what the Others might do if Sam gained his knowledge. So, for the love of his friend, he stayed away.


Aw, thanks. :)
My absolute pleasure. :)
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