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fic rec

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Bad Birthdays, by Thothmes (PG)

Show: Stargate SG-1

Rec Category: Team
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Charlie O'Neill, Janet, Sara O'Neill, Sha're, Walter the Chevron Guy
Het/Slash/Gen: Gen
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: thothmes
Author's Website: unknown
Link: Bad Birthdays

Why This Must Be Read: Everyone experiences bad birthdays sometimes, but friendship always makes it better!

Thothmes has crafted a beautiful set of sketches of various characters dealing with birthdays, from pre-series era with Charlie O'Neill and Sha're to each member of the team, Janet, Sara O'Neill, and even Walter the Chevron Guy in the early days, all the way up to the team off-world in S7. The arc will take you across the decades, leading from pain and loss to the comfort of team and togetherness. A lovely, thought-provoking read!

Walter had a paper cup in one hand with its white plastic lid, full of coffee with plenty of cream and sugar, and a clipboard in the other, so he was spared the necessity of a salute. The team was deep in discussion in any case, something about somebody who apparently rejoiced in the name (if his ears could be believed) of "Moo Gal". Some days, and perhaps especially on this day, his birthday, Walter had wondered why his parents had seen fit to saddle him with an outdated name like Walter, but that paled into insignificance when compared with Moo.

As the team reached him, they broke off the discussion, in order to greet him.

The tall alien, Teal'c, said nothing, but acknowledged Walter with a grave nod of his head.

Daniel Jackson offered a polite "Oh hello, [pause to adjust his glasses and glance at the name tape] Sergeant!" It seemed he was checking for the correct rank.

"Sergeant," was all that Major Carter offered, but her eyes were bright, and her smile genuine.

"Morning, Wallace!" said Colonel O'Neill.

"Morning Sirs, Ma’am,' said Walter. "And it’s Walter," he muttered to himself as he moved off.

"I heard that!" the Colonel called back from down the corridor.


Stargate by Medie

January 2018



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