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broken glass Sheppard

patk in stargateficrec

"Major's Day Out" by Tepring aka T'Pring (not rated by the author, personally I would give it a R)

Show: SGA
Rec Category: Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Evan Lorne, Anne Teldy, Alicia Vega
Pairings: none
Categories: gen
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: tepring
Author's Website: none
Link: "Major's Day Out" by Tepring aka T'Pring Following parts linked at the end of the previous parts.

Summary by the author:
When Sheppard takes Maj Teldy, Lorne and Vega to explore a frozen wraith outpost, Anne is eager to prove herself. When the mission goes sideways and Sheppard is injured, Anne gets a whole new perspective on trust and what it takes to survive in Pegasus.

Why This Must Be Read:
First, I love Teprings style of writing in general. She has a talent for details but it never gets boring (like Teldy knowing about how to prepare for cold weather in this one), the voices of her characters ring always true, just like real people with their different personalities and speech patterns. She has a knack for pacing and knows how to build a story. Personally I feel her stories always read "authentic", even set in a sci-fi environment.

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. The mission goes sideways and, in a way, it's Teldy's fault, at least partly. It's the start of a learning experience hugely influenced by observing Sheppard, his behavior, his actions, his attitude and approach on things. And it's the readers pleasure to see John through her eyes and see the impression he leaves.

It's an action laden adventure story with an injured but nonetheless impressively heroic (yeah, pretty much canon if you think "Search and Rescue") and clever John. Seeing how he influences Teldy's development unknowingly and how she learns to understand what are the important aspects is very satisfying.

Bonus: Tepring actually manages to come up with a fairly reasonable explanation on how it could happen that John missed the fact of having an all-female team under his command. *ggg*

Major Anne Teldy took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and walked into the ready room as if she weren’t a heartbeat from a nervous giggle.

“Majors don’t giggle,” she told herself, firmly. Not that she was truly prone to such things. As a six year veteran of the stargate program, she had proven herself as both offworld operative and – for the past three years – ‘gate team leader. But she’d been on Atlantis for all of three weeks and had already broken two of her hard and fast rules: 1. Never submit to hero worship – your commanders and colleagues are just as human as you are and to put anyone on a pedestal creates the temptation of self-comparison and self-doubt. 2. Never compete with your colleagues – it makes you do stupid stuff and leads to self-doubt. And besides, you’re on the same team.

“Good morning, Major!” called Maj. Lorne from in front of his locker across the room. Damn! He got here first! She instantly squashed the feeling of annoyance and repeated rule number two to herself as she dumped her armful of gear onto the bench in front of hers.

“Major,” she replied formally. Lorne smiled with an ease that came with confidence and familiarity and she had to fight back a prick of jealousy – she was far from the easiness of Atlantis’ 2nd in command.

“You can call me Evan when the boss isn’t around. There’s few enough of us on this base to stand on formality all the time.”

“Thanks, Evan.” Offering his name was a respectful gesture, he seemed genuine in doing it. Damn him. Not only was he easygoing and confident, but he was nice too.

“You go by anything other than Major?” Lorne asked a minute or so later, after she’d gotten engrossed in prepping her gear for a quick and organized muster, determined to live up to this unit’s high standards. She blushed and rolled her eyes in apology.

“Sorry! God, my head is somewhere else today, Major. I mean Evan. Most people call me Teldy. I’ve been known to answer to Anne, but I grew up with a pack of brothers and when they call me Anne,” she made her voice high and mocking, “I usually end up smacking them.”

“I guess I’ll stick with Teldy, then,” Lorne replied with a chuckle then threw her a sidelong look, “You worried about the mission? ‘Cause I’d be happy to answer any questions you have…now?” He was smiling encouragingly and she felt even guiltier for feeling so damn competitive in his presence.

“Not about the mission, really,” she answered truthfully, then turned to fidget with her gear. “More worried about the implications.”

“Implications?” Lorne seemed genuinely puzzled.

She put down the boot she was holding and turned to give him her full attention. “Is this mission some kind of test? Or…or hazing maybe? Because if Colonel Sheppard thinks he’s going to catch me off guard or scare me off,” she planted her hands on her hips, “he’s mistaken.”

Lorne’s face went surprised, then thoughtful. “No hazing. I promise,” he answered firmly with a grin tugging at his lips. “But, just maybe a test.”

Anne’s breath hitched with a flare of temper, “What kind of test?”

“Sheppard takes a couple of us senior officers out for a run every quarter or so.”

“That often?” She was surprised. The top brass at the SGC pretty much left the gate teams to themselves, offworld. Was Sheppard that much of a control freak? That didn’t jibe with what she’d heard about him.

“Yeah. He always says it’s just to boost morale, get re-acquainted, that sort of thing. Touchy feely crap. But I’ve always gotten the impression that he’s checking out more than morale.”

Anne stepped closer, “So what is he looking for? Performance evaluation? Stress management? Does he expect us to kiss his ass? What?” She blushed again, belatedly wishing she could snatch that last back out of the air. As nice as Lorne seemed, she didn’t know him well enough to know if he was the type that would repeat ill considered comments. He just cocked his head.

“There are only four Majors on Atlantis – two to command the Marine units,” he pointed at Teldy, “and two to keep the flyboys in line.” He pointed to himself. “Seventy-five percent of the time, we’re cut off from Earth. Sheppard’s in the field a lot, leaving one of us in charge at least three days out of seven. Sometimes more, depending on how exciting Pegasus gets. Any one of us could be called to take command of Atlantis more…permanently in a worst case scenario.” Lorne trailed off, letting the familiar mantra of officer preparedness stand as his answer. Anne nodded solemnly. She was familiar with Sheppard’s historic year of pulling off that exact scenario. Everyone was.

“So he’s looking for command readiness, to see if we’re fit for the big chair in an emergency.”

Lorne smiled slightly, then shrugged. “Something like that. We call it Major’s Day Out. Leave the kiddies behind, you know? You’re new, so that’s why you’re on the list today, but don’t feel singled out. We all go out a couple times a year.”

He went back to his packing and Anne couldn’t help but think he was holding something back. That knot of frustration twisted again and she attacked her own gear with an even more ferocious desire to prove herself to this unit, to Colonel Sheppard and most especially to Colonel Carter. If he wanted command readiness, she’d give him command readiness.
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Sounds interesting! - it's also here if you have the fanfiction multi-chapter downloader thingy, like me. :)
Wonderful rec. Thx for sharing :)
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