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teamy goodness

sg_fignewton in stargateficrec

Rebound, by Jb (PG-13)

Show: SG-1

Rec Category: Drama
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Samantha Carter, Bill Lee
Categories: gen, Jack and Daniel friendship, Teal'c and Jack friendship, team, angst, hurt/comfort
Warnings: language, serious whumpage
Author on LJ: sg1jb
Author's Website: Jb at AO3
Link: Rebound

Why This Must Be Read: This glorious, intense story is long. And incredibly teamy. Full of Jack and Daniel friendship, and scientific puzzles, and Teal'c sheer stubbornness, and Sam doing her best (and beyond) for her team, and Daniel taking his usual flying leaps of logic, and courage, and drama...

I love each and every one of them here. Bill Lee shines, Janet has a great cameo, and the comfort of the final scene is an absolute joy. Make sure you've got the time to read this all in one sitting, because you won't be able to stop!

Whoa! Jack yanked his hand away. He was so startled by the sudden, completely silent disappearance of the section of wall behind Daniel that for a few precious seconds he wasn't sure what had happened.

Even though it took but a scant second, by the time he jerked out of his surprise and into action the crackling snap following Daniel's backward fall through the void had already happened. He watched with alarm as an energy field of some kind fully established itself in the doorway, in a faintly glittering expanse of pale blue. In the same time it took for him to back off and bring up his weapon, it faded into near invisibility. He knew it wasn't gone, though; that'd be far too easy. A light-speed visual survey later, he rapped out, "Carter, work some magic. Whatever it is, get rid of it," and then softened his tone. "Daniel? Can you hear me? You all right?"

In the room on the other side of the energy field, on a same-looking gunmetal grey floor as the one Jack stood on, and bounded by identically plain walls on three sides, Daniel was awkwardly sprawled on his back. His lips moved, but Jack couldn't hear what he said, and so cautiously moved toward the doorway, lowering his gun so he could get as close as possible. At about eight inches away, he felt a vague tingle start up on the exposed skin of his face and hands, and stopped. Teal'c stepped up beside him, and it was clear he felt it too.


Stargate by Medie

January 2018



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