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John oh yeah

mific.dreamwidth.org in stargateficrec

Drilled (by Bironic) (M)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: humor (cracked out anthropomorfic)
Characters: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Categories: slash
Warnings: Nil
Author on LJ: bironic
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Drilled on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: Yesterday's one was a short fic, so here's another. As Bironic says, this is the one where Rodney's a drill and John's a stud (no, not that kind of stud - that's Rodney in this fic - stud meaning an upright timber post in the wall of a building, since the overall category being anthropomorphised is construction materials). This story earns its M rating - it's really steamy, and not just because Rodney's bits are overheating. The boys are wonderfully in character and cracky though it is, this is hot stuff, written for the 'dirty talk' square of kink bingo.

"Can we?"

Could they…? "Oh! You--the thing? You want to?"


The lights flicked on overhead and the bootsteps clunked closer.

"Okay. Just… swear to me again that you won't make fun of me later if I mess this up."

"Rodney, I asked you to say the dirtiest things you can think of while you're inside me. I think that makes us even for blackmail."

He supposed that was true. Anyways, he didn't have to reply; the callused hand came down from above, plugged him in and scooped him up, palm cradling his grip, finger resting on his trigger. He grew pleasantly warm at the contact, thrumming with electric potential and the anticipation of finally being able to touch John again.

The other hand was rustling around in the box of screws. Eh, as good a place to start as any.

"All right, John. Are you listening?"

"Yeah." Rodney could practically hear him stand up straighter.

"Good, because I'm about to tell you exactly what I'm going to do to you, and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

The hand inserted his bit and tightened his chuck.

"What you need is a good, long screw. And I'm going to give it to you."


Stargate by Medie

January 2018



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