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don't say ka

sg_fignewton in stargateficrec

ADMIN: Comm moving to Dreamwidth

After seeing the responses on our long-running poll and extensive discussion among the mods, we have made the decision to move stargateficrec to Dreamwidth.

The comm here will not disappear. All entries will remain; all memories will remain. It will not even go completely static, because we will be posting a round-up of links to the entries on the DW comm on a monthly basis. The main activity, however, will move to [community profile] stargateficrec, where all entries from this community have already been imported. If you have a journal at Dreamwidth, we suggest adding the comm to your reading circle.

For the months of August and September, as part of the transition process, we will allow posting at both communities - stargateficrec here and [community profile] stargateficrec. No reccer, of course, will be expected to post simultaneously; the mods will post an end-of-month entry on both comms with links to the recs that were made on the other platform.

The sign-up post for August will go up shortly. We have also slightly tweaked the reccing rules, and we think it will make things easier.

stargateficrec has a long, satisfying history, and we have no intention of seeing it dwindle away. We hope you will all continue to enjoy the recs from the Stargate fandom, whether you are reading, reccing, or being recced, both here and on Dreamwidth.

If you have any questions or observations for us, please comment below.


Can you simply crosspost all the posts here to LJ, as an individual user can do with DW posts, or do comms work differently?
Comms do work differently. I speak from experience. When I post my own recs, I cross-post the archive version, then go back and repost it on stargateficrec. You can't cross-post comms, sad to say.

This wasn't a quick and easy decision. Part of me strongly feels that stargateficrec really belongs on LJ. But circumstances and the preferences of the most active members are really what drove the decision. And, as I emphasized, the comm isn't going away.
And I am glad of that! I've subscribed to the comm on DW now.
Thank you for making the change. I have subscribe to the DW comm.
Stargate by Medie

January 2018



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